Monday, January 2, 2017

Tomorrow is The Day!

So the day that most of us has waiting for has come.. 

the first day of school

Last year, it fell on my birthday where I got to celebrate with Faaz's big day - first day of his primary school. This year, 3rd January 2017 is the date :)

Right now, we are pretty much settled with everything. What's left is to prepare for the children's food pack tomorrow morning, insyaAllah. The hardest part for me was the ironing part. LOL! 5x3 shirts and pants (and headscarves!) *lap peluh*. It took me days to 'get in the mood' if you know what I'm talking and finally when it came, husband has done it for me...awwww! what's left for me was the school badge & name tag. Hihi.

#mestidiabosantunggu #goodtacticnadine! :P

This year, we have a moderate going-back-to-school preparation since Faaz has moved to Standard 2 while the twinnies are still with LC; in their final year of kindergarten. We only added 1-2 new clothes for the children, while Faaz still have a lot of underutilized exercise book from last year so we only top up with a few. Same goes with stationary, we have A LOT of stocks at home (since Faaz tend to lose something everyday for the first month of his standard one..haha!) so we don't need to spend much. As for the school bags/the water bottles/lunch packs, all are still in good condition, but the grand parents prefers to spoil them. Well, that's what grand parents are good at, kan?..hihi. Thanks, gramps! :)

Next year going to be interesting, tho... 

Have to start saving those green and orange notes as what my FB feeds has been suggesting these few days. May the force be with me (and my hubs)!!



Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!


Hello dear readers (not sure if I still have any, LOL!), Happy New Year! :) Finally, I managed to resurface again today and it feels great. Truth is, I missed blogging so much but working in the industry, especially in project basis made it so hard to find time. 

Basically, for the past six months I've been struggling to  manage my 24 hours daily, with most of the time I only slept about 3-4 hours per day which was totally not good for the health *sigh*. I also missed few important events in my children's school life this year as I have to fly off last minute to attend meetings & review sessions with customer. Only Allah knows how I felt deep inside. Thank God for the support system that I have; dearest husband, my in laws and also mia familia - only Allah SWT who can repay your kindness and understanding *hugs* :)

Alhamdulillah, I managed to collect an amount of un-utilized annual leave in 2016 so in beginning of December, I started my 4 weeks leave which I have waited like, urm forever! You have no idea how hard I have to fight for this leave, lucky my Greece Project Manager was totally cool about it despite us being in the "cat-dog" fight most of the time..hahaha! Suka naw dia kacau kita *rolled eyes*. So far 3 weeks have been fully utilized with quality times with my spouse (how nice of my MIL to give us 1 week off without the kids as our 9 years anniversary gift), with my children + hubby (as he also took a straight 2 weeks off yay!) and of course with family of both sides..alhamdulillah! And now came the 4th week of my leave where school will be starting again in 2 days time. It's time for waking up very early in the morning again for us; the parents. Gonna be interesting heee :D Not so much missing the project I involved in, but I miss the technical work that I've been doing (I love being a radio network engineer :). But not keen to shorten my leave, of course. You guys in B** project just have to wait for the Queen to make a comeback to the office ya.. :P

I hope I will still be able to steal some time to blog again this year (part of my 2017 resolution tau!). InsyaAllah, if Allah permit. Reflecting of year 2016, it taught me that life is too short, so the keyword is balance. To give, and take; might lose here, but gained somewhere :). The first thing to do is to value yourself-take care of your health and managed your stress. Happy and well you, makes your surrounding happier and healthier, insyaAllah. :) It's hard, but will try my best for this year. Doakan ye?

So here's me on 1.1.2017 for those who missed me. For the record, I have gained almost 2kg in 3 weeks holidaying from work (and I lost 2kg in my first 2 weeks of joining the ever stressful project last June). Full proof that I'm really happy here, haha! :)

Till the fingers meet the keyboard again (still not use to mobile blogging #imoldfashionedlikethat :P).



Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dream Big, Princess!

Every girl has a dream of becoming a princess. Beautiful, poise, full of kindness and courage..what a perfect young lady :) and when it comes to the word "princess", it is always linked to Disney Princess. :)

My all time favorite Disney princess would be Cinderella; the gentle, kind and hard-working princess. She isn't born a princess, but ended up being a princess. Cinderella inspires me to dream big, and dreams do come true, with goals and determination and effort. :) As for my twin girls, Faiqa loves Merida and Repunzel while Falisya adores Snow White the most.

Speaking of dreams, last May 24th, Disney Malaysia has launched “Dream Big, Princess”, a global movement that encourages girls everywhere to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams with courage, determination and compassion. This 3 year campaign highlights the aspirational qualities of each Disney Princess and seeks to connect them with today’s girl. 

Check out this inspiring and cool video, especially for every girl who dream big. Girl power! :)


In regards with this campaign, in Southeast Asia, Disney Channel has selected four talented girls who embody these unique qualities and from Malaysia, 13-year-old water ski champion Aaliyah Hanifah will share her story of passion and perseverance, and how her favorite Disney Princess Ariel (from “The Little Mermaid”) inspired her to Dream Big in an on-air feature which will debut on Disney Channel from 8 June.

Kids in Southeast Asia can also take inspiration from their favorite Disney Princesses through Disney Channel’s “Create a Dream” contest. From 1 to 30 June, they can log on to to create a ‘Dream Meme’, a creative expression of their biggest aspirations using Disney Princess-inspired images, fonts and icons. All Dream Memes will then be curated into the online Dream Wall.  The most creative and inspirational memes stand to win the complete collection of Disney Princess dolls by Hasbro each week, as well as the Grand Prize -- a magical holiday in Germany for a family of four, which includes guided tours and a stay in a fairytale castle. Awww, how wonderful it is! So mommies, do ask your little girl to participate right away, ok? :)

I got my girls to join the contest too and these are what their outcome (of course I gotta help them with the typing since they are too small hihi):

Consumers can also find the full range of Disney Princess dolls by Hasbro in all major department stores in Malaysia. And on 25 June, audiences can tune in to Disney Channel (Astro Ch 615) at 9am to see Rapunzel’s dream come to life in the movie Tangled. 



Monday, February 15, 2016

Atmosphere360 - Revolving Restaurant @ KL Tower

In June last year (2015), we celebrated by FIL's birthday at Atmosphere360, at KL Tower. For those who didn't know, Atmosphere360 is a revolving restaurant which is located 282m above ground.

This restaurant offers lunch buffet, afternoon tea, hi tea and dinner buffet. Since we have been to KL Tower for sight-seeing previously (during daytime), we decided to dine in at night in the restaurant this time. For lunch/dinner buffet, this restaurant offers two sessions:

Lunch Buffet:

Afternoon Tea:

Hi Tea:

Dinner Buffet:

We opt for the latter session, for an ease for praying and travelling from SJ.

Twinnies were so happy and ready that evening, before we went to my in-law's place for Maghrib prayer.

The view of KL tower from the parking lot that night. Subhanallah, it's beautiful! :)

We arrived early for the 9pm session so we get to go to the observation deck first. If the first time we went there we got to view the KL panoramic view in daytime, this time we were mesmerized the magnificent view of KL city at night.

Falisya being cheeky..


while Faiqa enjoyed posing with the nice view... :)

Yours truly, I chose to be simple that night :)

Hubby made a reservation prior to this birthday dinner and the 7 of us were seated at a nice spot overlooking the KLCC tower. Actually, all seating place will have the same view eventually since the restaurant is constantly revolving 360 degrees..hihi.

Our table's view. Love!

Daddy and his little girl..

There were quite a variety of food to choose from for this dinner buffet and it's a mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Arabic and Western food. My favourite? None other than the fresh seafood & BBQ food..hihi.

Twinnies enjoyed their dessert the most! :D

Since we already mentioned in the reservation that we were celebrating papa's birthday, the restaurant had surprised him with a birthday cake while the live band sang the "Happy Birthday" song to him. :)

Happy Birthday, Pa! :)

Twinnies manja with their Nana :)

while Faaz "took care" of the birthday cake. haha!

Me and my other half; thank you for the lovely dinner Sayang! *love*

Overall, we have a lovely dinner that night. For those who wants a serene and special place to dine in, with equally good food and privacy..I recommend this restaurant. A bit on the high side in terms of pricing but it won't hurt to spend once a while, especially for an occasion. :) 

Us; 16062015.


Friday, November 27, 2015

Late Post: Twinnies 4th Birthday

Alhamdulillah, my twin girls turn 4 years old last 7th July 2015. This year, since their birthday fell on a working day and during the month of Ramadhan, we decided to have a small and simple celebration at the daycare and with our nucleus family.

Faiqa & Falisya were so cheerful on the morning of their special day so it was easy to get them ready for "school". They were excited to celebrate their birthdays with the friends at the daycare. First experience celebrating birthdays with friends actually! :)

They chose to wear the red dresses that morning

For them to celebrate at the daycare, I have ordered two sets of cakes from my dear friend Kak Shida from @tuttylecious. You can visit her IG page from this link. Dijamin sedap ok! ;) I purposely ordered these cakes to be cut into smaller pieces so that it's easy for the kids to take and eat.

Chocolate Brownies

Victoria Sandwich Cake

The aunties at the daycare decided to let the children have the cakes during tea-time, since it was Ramadhan and some of the kids were half-day fasting. Aunty Anne, the owner of the daycare sent me this photo of twinnies just before they and their friends enjoyed the cakes.. 

Dah mandi & tukar baju..hihi

That evening, me and my husband went back early than usual. We went to TGIF after breaking the fast and performed Maghrib prayer, to celebrate twinnies birthday.

Birthday girl looking at the menu..

After finished with our meals, I asked the waiter to take out the cupcakes which I brought secretly along to the restaurant to surprise the twins. They were excited, but quickly became shy as the waiters and the waitress gathered at our table. Faiqa refused to blow the candles (as usual), so it was Falisya alone blowing her birthday candles..

I managed to record the moments when the waiters/waitress sang the birthday song and asked them to blow the candles. The girls were too shy so they ended up not smiling at all. Instead they were staring the abangs and kakaks..LOL!

To my children, a birthday celebration won't be complete without balloons so we surprised them with the balloons (and presents of course!) at home. They were thrilled, and so did their big brother..hihi.

Alhamdulillah, 4 years has passed and I'm very thankful that both of you has grown well. May prayers for you my princesses are, for both of you to grow healthy, wise, beautiful in and out. Be a good daughter, and be a good Muslimah, ok sayang?