Wednesday, February 21, 2018

[Recipe] : Daging Goreng Berlado - Fried Chili Beef


- Beef Sirloin, thinly sliced.
- Turmeric powder
- Salt

(Marinate the beef slices with turmeric powder and salt. Set aside).

- 3-4 red chili
- 3cloves of garlic
- 3-4 shallots
- 1 tb spoon of calamansi juice (limau kasturi) 
- salt
- cooking oil

Method : 

Heat the oil and stir fry the marinated beef slices until crispy. Set aside.
Red chili, garlic, and shallots are mashed (tumbuk kasar) to make a sambal paste. Avoid to blend as the texture and taste wont be the same. 

In a pan, heat the oil, fry the sambal paste. Add in salt and calamansi juice. Once the chili is crispy add in the beef. Stir a little bit and it's ready to be served!


Sunday, January 28, 2018

10 years in E///

28th January

Today, 10 years ago I made a big decision in my life, career-wise when I decided to move from working in a telco provider to the vendor instead. For those who works in this line understand how tough to work as a vendor as compared to being the customer (Remember the phrase, "customer always right? hehe..)

Tough, as instead of having the same role for a year or maybe longer, I willl be having different roles in a year, depending on the projects assigned to me. Tough, as I also need to keep updating myself with the latest technology every now and then. Tough, as I have to learn to handle and please the demanding customers. Tough, as an overall as I am in nature is an introvert.

Alhamdulillah, 10 years have passed and I am still surviving till this very moment. I have not regretted the decision I made when I decided to left M*****. Looking back to the past, I am quite surprised how I have evolved personally, especially on the introvert part. I still remembered, when I first started working in M*****, my ex-boss was satisfied with my work as he said I was hardworking and cached up things very fast (I got a departmental award in less than a year after I joined the company for my contributions to the Eastern team), but he was not happy that I was "very quiet". He even asked me to prepare a daily journal of what did I do and to whom I liaise with, until he satisfied that I have been socializing enough in the office. To that extend ok..ahahaha. I think he would be quite surprised if he ever bumped into me these days... :P When I handed him the resignation letter and told him I will join the vendor, he told me that he has no confidence that I will survive long in that environment. Well, I am happy that proved him wrong :)

Working in E/// has given me more opportunities to learn, involved in multiple work scenarios and working together with people from around the world. I also was able to travel for oversea assignments if I wanted to (but I choose not to with my personal reason). I only travel domestically, being back and forth to Sarawak, as I took care the network in this region since 2015. Personality-wise, I have become less introvert in the office as I need to communicate a lot, internally and externally, managing and coordinating a group of team from different races and technology background. In fact, my current team mates called me "the fierce and assertive Nadia". Haha! Oh well, that is what a lady gotta do when you were the only female working in a group of men, especially  to demand their respect and equality #fliptudung. LOL! #takgarangcumategas :P

Some says, when you stay at an organization too long, it means that you are already in your comfort zone and that's why you chose not to move on to others. Well, I do agree partially with this statement, but I also believe that everyone has their own objectives in life, and their own reason either to stay loyal or to move from an organization. I have known some friends who tend to change the company he worked with, every 2-3 years. I am sure he has a good reason for this :).

As for me, I pray that The Almighty direct me to the path that is best for me. After all, Allah SWT is the Greatest Planner of all. In the meantime, I am enjoying my career here in E/// and I am waiting patiently for the days when I get to be the domestic housewife...the dream job of almost all working mommies out there..hehehe :)

Here's me and my big boss, the country manager of E/// Malaysia & MOAI during the January babies birthday celebration recently 


Friday, January 26, 2018

Breakfast Day @ The Office

Our Social and Sports Club (ESSC) has organized Breakfast Day this morning as the first activity for 2018.

There were variety of foods being served such as nasi lemak, local kuihs (seri muka, lapis, curry puffs and doughnuts), cereals, fresh fruits and sandwiches.

I had nasi lemak, which happened to be my first nasi lemak in 2018. It was nice, although the sambal was a bit spicy for me.

The highlight of this event, would be the freshly ground coffees from It was my first time of having their ice latte and I love it. FYI, Drinka is available at Tapak Urban Street, Ampang. If you want to taste it... (no, this is not a paid review ya :D)

with my colleagues, while queuing for our coffees!

Thanks ESSC! What a nice get together event to kick start 2018. Looking forward for more events! :)


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Siapa Nadia?

So, now you know who am I ;)

#justkidding #butundeniablysomearetrue   Hihi... 


Friday, January 19, 2018

The Epic Birthday Cake

So my husband, wanted to be all sweet and romantic on the eve of my birthday, secretly bought a birthday cake and successfully hide it. To be honest, I did suspect of "something" as my husband, out of his norm: suddenly sms-ed me that he's going out to refueled his car at about 10pm that night while I was ironing my scarf. However, I found him went back home empty handed and later when I went to the kitchen I did not found ANY trace of cake. False alarm I guess #perasanmode.

Since the 2018 school session started, too often I accidentally fell asleep earlier than my usual bedtime. It was a new routine to wake up as early as 5am and only managed to settle everything by 11-11:30pm. Quite tiring.That night, I was still awake till 11-ish pm I think, reading a book on my bed when eventually I dozed off and travelled deep in the lala-land..zzZZZ.

Back to the story (hihi); so the next day (which was on January 4th) we continued the newly routine of sending the kids to school, have a breakfast date together and went back to the school to check out twinnies during their recess time. Oh, we were still in our year end leave until 1st week of January, by the way. That day, we decided to skip visiting the girls as they were doing well on the previous two days of school. We went back home and decided to have a short nap instead. Hihi.

I woke up about an hour later, feeling quite hungry. I got ready and tried to wake up my other half. Instead of saying "yes, let's go out for coffee or breakfast", he told me, 

"open the fridge if you hungry" and continued to close his eyes.

"WHAT??" I told myself... "helloooo it's my birthday, kot. Where is my special breakfast?" while rolling my eyes and talked to myself. 

Well, long story cut short; I managed to wake him up eventually (can't share how :P hehehe..). While I was busy with my smartphone replying the birthday wishes from dear people in my life, my husband came down, ready. 

He asked me, " Have you open the fridge yet?"

Me: "Of course not, it's my birthday kot. You suruh I prepare breakfast ke? "

Him: "Hish, no lah. Go and open the fridge now.."

So I went to the kitchen, opened the fridge door and SURPRISED!! There it was, the birthday cake! 


It was so horrid. Cake was out of it's pedestal, and three candles burnt and melted on the cake. 

"hahaha" I laughed. "Sayang, why the cake is so ugly??!" I grinned and brought it to him.

"Ugly...? You lah, I was trying to wake you up last night sampai melted dah the candles. And I accidentally slipped the cake a bit while trying to keep it in the fridge afterwards"

Me: "Awwww... so sweet!, seriously yang??"

Him: Made that :| face and rolled his eyes. 


Apparently, while I was busy reading the book (and eventually dozed off), he was busy downstairs; moved the kitchen's side table and chairs, arrange the flowers (no, not fresh flowers - existing flowers in my house LOL!), placed the cake and light the candles. However, his 12am sweet surprised went wrong when his wifey was so deep in the lala-land (read: tidur mati *shy*) that he failed to wake me up even after several attempts...and he went down just to see the candles already melted :D LOL!!

Sorry sayangku... 

Tak kisahla, ugly cake ke horrid cake ke. The action speaks louder, and it was a very thoughtful and cute gesture! Suka! Suka! #majorlove

aaaaand, definitely by far, this is the most epic birthday cake that I have EVER received. Takkan lupa sampai mati kot!. :)

THANK YOU, LOVE @ Mohd Fadzil!